Installing Shifter Runtime in Cray’s CLE 6.0UP01

Setting up Compute node kernel support

  1. Build compute node image.

  2. Boot compute node.

  3. Install appropriate kernel-source and kernel-syms. For example:

    zypper install --oldpackage kernel-source-3.12.51-52.31.1_1.0600.9146.67.1
    zypper install --oldpackage kernel-syms.12.51-52.31.1_1.0600.9146.67.1
  4. rpmbuild -bb /path/to/shifter_cle6_kmod_deps.spec

  5. Put resulting RPM in a repo, pkgcoll, and update compute image.

Configuring udiRoot with custom ansible play

  1. Refer to the sample ansible play/role in the shifter distribution under extra/cle6/ansible.
  2. Make modifications to each of the following files to meet your needs
    • vars/main.yaml
    • templates/udiRoot.conf.j2
    • files/
    • files/
    • vars/cluster.yaml
  3. Ensure the tasks/main.yaml is appropriate for your site

Configuration considerations for DataWarp

For DataWarp mount points to be available in shifter containers, you’ll need to ensure that all mounts under /var/opt/cray/dws are imported into the container. Unfortunately, these mounts can sometimes come in after the container is setup. Also, it is hard to predict the exact mount point, thus, we use two mount flags:

  • rec, enables a recursive mount of the path to pull in all mounts below it
  • slave, propagates any changes from the external environment into the container
    slaved bind mounts are not functional in CLE5.2, but work in CLE6

Add the following to siteFs in your udiRoot.conf:


Or, to the “compute” section of the shifterSiteFsByType variable in shifter ansible role.

Configuration considerations for MPI

To enable Cray-native MPI in shifter containers, there are a few needed changes to the container environment.

  1. Need to patch /var/opt/cray/alps and /etc/opt/cray/wlm_detect into the container environment. /etc/opt/cray/wlm_detect is a NEW requirement in CLE6

  2. To enable override of for client containers, run extra/ from the shifter distribution (also installed in the %libexec% path if shifter-runtime RPM is used).

    mkdir -p /tmp/cray
    cd /path/to/shifter/extra
    python ./ /tmp/cray

    You can then either copy /tmp/cray/mpich-<version> to /usr/lib/shifter/opt/mpich-<version> or integrate the RPM in /tmp/cray/RPMS/x86_64/shifter_cray_mpich_<version>....rpm into your compute and login images.

  3. Setup a shifter module to setup cray mpich by adding the following to your udiRoot.conf:

    module_mpich_copyPath = /usr/lib/shifter/opt/mpich-<version>
    module_mpich_siteEnvPrepend = LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/udiImage/modules/mpich/lib64
    module_mpich_siteEnv = SHIFTER_MODULE_MPICH=1
  4. If you wish the mpich module to load by default on every shifter invocation, then add the following to your udiRoot.conf:

    defaultModules = mpich copies the shared libraries from the CrayPE cray-mpich and cray-mpich-abi modules (for both PrgEnv-gnu and PrgEnv-intel), into the target path. It then recursively identifies dependencies for those shared libraries and copies those to target/dep. Finally it rewrites the RPATH entry for all the shared libraries to /opt/udiImage/cray/lib64/dep; this allows the target libraries to exist in /opt/udiImage/cray/lib64, and ONLY have that path in LD_LIBRARY_PATH, minimizing search time. Also, since none of the dependency libraries are copies to /opt/udiImage/cray/lib64, but to /opt/udiImage/cray/lib64/dep, and those are accessed via the modified RPATH, there is minimal bleedthrough of the dependency libraries into the container environment. requires patchelf.